Personal login code

Personal login code

You can place orders easily in our webshop using a personal login code. Ordering via the webshop also offers you a 2% additional discount - on top of your own discount structure.

We create one Main User account per company. This Main User can then create ‘sub-users’ themselves. The Main User can also decide what privileges and purchasing limits each sub-user can have. If there is already a Main User known within your organisation, then you can request a sub-user login from them.

Is there no designated Main User within your organisation yet? Then request your personal login code via our contact form.

With your personal login code, you also gain the following advantages:

  • See the prices and discount/s that apply to you
  • Access to your personal condition overview
  • Manage multiple users (if you are the main user)
  • Use ‘Favourites’ to easily place repeat orders, with minimal risk of mistakes
  • Easily connect a mini scanner to the shopping cart of the webshop, so ordering becomes even easier



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