An important component of our aim for Quality, Clarity, and Reliability, is to make and to keep the production chain fully transparent. We achieve this through meticulous traceability.
Bossard is committed to ensuring full traceability of all its products. This increases transparency and facilitates improvements throughout the entire product chain. 


An example of this transparency is the batch number (chargenummer) on our packaging. This number can be used to trace the original consignment from which the product originates. This also makes it possible to correlate the results of sample checks that were carried out on the consignment of fasteners. By linking all the available information to this number, we also offer total traceability for our products.

It is possible to use the batch number to ascertain, at any time, when and under what circumstances the fasteners were produced. It is also possible to determine which finishing processes have been used, and which quality requirements are fulfilled by the end products.

Of course, any consignments that do not pass our quality department tests are not placed on the market.

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