Inventory management

Inventory management

We are happy to give advice on optimal stock management, so your stock is always up to date.

Monitoring your stock

Worry-free logistics starts with monitoring stock levels. In addition, it is important to determine the quantities for reorders, and how frequently the reordering is needed. This way you ensure that the held stock level stays reasonably low, but never runs out.

We can make this task easy for you with our own labels and a mini scanner. You can also outsource this task to us via Inventory Management (in which you have contact with an employee on-site), or you can have this fully automated using SmartBinTM.

At all times, a Bossard specialist will stay involved to take care of your inventory management. 

Possibilities we offer for inventory management:

  • Inventory management to requested delivery date (‘Just In Time’)
  • Contract ‘on demand’ per item
  • Partial deliveries and packaging (per item or order)
  • Electronic feedback on the order history
  • Order picking trolleys
  • Advice on warehouse design
  • Pallet racking modified for your use
  • Location system for fast storage/searching
  • Stock containers/boxes with barcode for easier (re)ordering
  • Barcode-Scanner
  • SmartBin Cloud

These are just a few of the options we can offer. By working together with our advisers, you can create a flexible and cost-effective solution for your inventory management needs. The eventual solution remains flexible because we know circumstances can change. Bossard is prepared to adapt to your changing stock requirements. Please contact your contact person or contact us via the contact page for a constructive discussion about your stock requirements and inventory management situation.

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