Logistic solutions

Logistic solutions

The ‘product price’ of the actual fasteners themselves represents just 20% of the total cost incurred. The other 80% comes from the costs relating to the purchase, managing, and handling of these items.
Together we can save significantly on that 80%

Own documentation

The logistics process can be integrated seamlessly into existing systems by using personal customer item numbers, documents, and stickers. Furthermore, by using the unique barcodes and batch numbers, the history of a specific order line or item can always be found.

More logistic solutions

Good logistics solutions are always unique, because they are tailored to the individual situation. Using the resources we have available, we can substantially automate logistics processes - so you can focus 100% on what your business does best.

Our advisers will happily look at the possibilities with you. Our technical knowledge can inform you in making the right choice for your requirements. You will always receive personalised advice, based on your situation.

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