About us

About us

Discover Bossard Netherlands: Innovation and expertise in industrial fastening technology

The Bossard Group, founded in 1831 in Zug, Switzerland, is globally recognized as a leading provider of product solutions and services in industrial fastening and assembly technology. With an impressive range of over 1 million items and proven expertise in technical advice assembly- and inventory management, Bossard sets the industry standard.

Strengthened by Acquisition

On October 25, 2021, Bossard announced the acquisition of Jeveka, an established technical wholesale company in fastening articles and tools, established in 1937. This acquisition extends Bossard's product range with strong brands such as Jextar and Jeclin. Bossard Netherlands offers over 100,000 products, with over 35,000 available directly from stock, including top brands like UnbrakoKatoFibro, BigHead, ABB, and H.Bilz.

Global Impact, Local Expertise

Bossard's global presence, with 2,925 employees across 82 locations in 32 countries, and a revenue of 1,154 million Swiss Francs in 2022, underscores our market leadership. Learn more about us in our annual report.

Committed to High-Tech Solutions

As Bossard Netherlands, formerly known as Jeveka, we specialize in supplying in semiconductors, mechatronics, machine construction, and high-tech industry segments, providing high-quality quality controls and customer support. Our solutions for logistics processes are there to unburden you and the 'Proven Productivity' promise demonstrates our commitment to optimizing processes and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

At Bossard, we take our responsibility to the society and environment seriously, reflected in our commitment to REACH, RoHS, and WEEE standards. High standards are a must in this sector. We have the equipment and technical knowledge to conduct quality controls ourselves, which can also be utilized for your projects.

Continuing Leadership in the Industrial Sector

With our integrated approach and extensive expertise, Bossard Group remains your key partner in delivering high-quality industrial products and services worldwide.

Specialist in fasteners and tools
100,000 products in our range
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