Certification is an important part of any organised business operation where quality assurance plays a vital role.

Bossard Nederland has been NEN-EN-ISO 9001-certified since 1994. ISO 9001:2015 is a standard that sets requirements for an organisation’s quality management system. For Bossard, our commitment to delivering consistent quality goes without saying.

Being granted an ISO certificate is an assurance to both the organisation and its clients. It demonstrates that the organisation complies with all quality management requirements (Care, Control and Guarantee) in a planned and well-structured manner.

Bossard is providing several certificates and declarations

  • ISO 9001:2015 - Bossard Nederland has been certified since 1994  (you can download the certificate below)
  • RoHS declaration
  • REACH declaration
  • Dodd Frank Wall Street declaration (Conflict Minerals)
  • Certificate of Originality (C.O.O.)
  • Declaration of suppliers
  • Declaration of conformity(2.1 according to EN 10204)
  • Test report (2.2 according to EN 10204)
  • Inspection Certificate (3.1 according to EN 10204)
  • Inspection Certificate (3.2 according to EN 10204)
  • Document of Performance (D.O.P.)
  • European Technical Assessment (E.T.A.) for construction products
  • CE declaration according to DIN EN 14399 and/or DIN EN 15048 (clamping bolts)
  • CE-PED declaration gas springs Fibro (97/23/EC)

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