In recent months, the Smart Factory Logistics (SFL) department has been carrying out research into the possibilities for the unburdening of clients who assemble or produce in a cleanroom environment. Jeveka can now unburden clients who need to keep their cleanrooms well-stocked. Currently, the products to be stocked are delivered to a Jeveka rack which is situated outside the cleanroom. The client themselves retains an additional inventory in the cleanroom and takes care of transport internally. For the employee, this means additional handling – an extra burden that can be prevented. To explore a possible solution for this situation, research was conducted to determine if the SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud could become ‘clean’ themselves, so that they could be installed in a cleanroom environment. The very definition of a cleanroom is an extremely pure working environment, designed to eliminate any contamination of the production process or of any research that takes place there.

SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud are suitably clean to meet all the determined requirements. The requirements for fastening materials from Jeveka are usually grade 2 and sometimes grade 4. The specifications of these are in the Generic Standard of ASML (GSA). For tooling and hardware, it’s required that the SmartBin Cloud or SmartLabel Cloud be adjusted, provided this is equally clean as the products with which it comes into contact (either grade 2 or grade 4). For the cleaning of products, Jeveka makes use of various partners. One of the longest-standing collaborative partners and the cleaner for the majority of Jeveka’s products has been chosen as the cleaner and expert source for this research. For confirmation, and to carry out the cleaning process, a sample batch (consisting of one piece from each of the parts) was sent to be cleaned to the standards of grade 2. Beforehand, it was already clear that the objects in a cleanroom only needed to be clean on the exterior surfaces. The materials from which the hardware is made (hard plastic and metal) are cleanroom compatible. The cleaning of these types of materials is usually achieved without issues. Because the batteries need replaced after 3-5 years, it was decided that the lid of the compartment concerned, along with the battery, needed to be cleaned separately for the SmartBin Cloud. After cleaning, the products are examined with a UV-light, so the expert can determine with total certainty that the products are clean enough to meet the required standards. During the inspections, the expert has found no contaminants, and therefore the products have passed the test.  

In short: SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud can be used in grade 2 and grade 4 cleanroom environments.

The information flow from the hardware to the cloud takes place through a Cloudpoint. This wireless connection has a reach of 25 meters. Because of this, the Cloudpoint doesn’t need to be placed in the cleanroom itself and requires no cleaning. Because a cleanroom is a sealed space, there is always at least one wall or screen between the Cloudpoint and the SmartBin Cloud or SmartLabel Cloud. This has a negative effect on the signal strength but doesn’t constitute a practical problem. The signal has been successfully tested using a distance of about 20 meters (including a wall), between the Cloudpoint and the SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud.

By implementing a SmartBin Cloud or SmartLabel Cloud in a cleanroom, the stock point outside the cleanroom can be eliminated. With this simple change, the stocking costs are lowered, and the client has all the required products for the assembly or production within easy reach. A strong example of logistical unburdening, and more efficient working. This is what Jeveka cares about.

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